Don't say we didn't tell you!

at Proulx Farm 1865 O'Toole Rd.

(off Innes east of Trim)


operated by the Kiwanis Club of Orleans

The ORLEANS ASYLUM for the INSANE The Village of Cumberland was founded in 1800 and from the beginning the struggle to survive was shared by all… with one unusual exception. Deep in the O’Toole Forest was a quiet Malrainian family that preferred seclusion. Malrainia was known to harbour many infamous witches and warlocks so it didn’t take long for rumours to surface that the soaring bonfires, plaintiff music and strange chanting emanating from the night forest was nothing less than pure evil at work. As the rumours persisted, hysteria finally took root and a mob of villagers seethed into the forest to massacre the family. As Mordryde, the clans father lay dying, he cast a bloodline curse on the butchers. Hastily discarded, the bodies were surrendered to what many hoped would be the forest animals. During the weeks that followed, members of the attacking horde increasingly started to show signs of distress. As each became uncontrollable, the villagers were forced to create the Orleans Asylum for the Insane. One by one the assassins were committed and forgotten in the depths of the OAI. As time passed, the Asylum became a little self-contained world unto itself and contact with the outside world faded. UNTIL NOW!! The Orleans Asylum for the Insane was literally lost for years. Small surprise, considering no one cared about the crazy and dangerous inmates. They were best long forgotten. Spring forward to 2001 when a bunch of local do-gooders called the Kiwanis Club of Orleans decided to create a children’s playground so they established a fundraiser called the “Haunted Hamlet” at the Gloucester Shopping Centre to raise some money. It was so much fun it got bigger the next year and eventually ended up at Laporte Gardens on Montreal Rd. It was so spooky that the neighbours insisted the landlord demolish the buildings to ensure the ghosts could never return again, and so the decision was finally made to move out to Proulx Farms without the knowledge that darkness was already there. The 150 year old barn was going to be the new site but when the Asylum’s hidden door was opened, they found the Gatekeeper waiting. There the story of how the inmates had long since overpowered the staff and disposed of their bodies was told. Now only the Gatekeeper controls the ins and outs of the facility. To grant you permission to enter, and to ensure you can get out. "Look for the Gate Keeper. Your journey begins there…"