Don't say we didn't tell you!

at Proulx Farm 1865 O'Toole Rd.

(off Innes east of Trim)


operated by the Kiwanis Club of Orleans

Things our vicitms should know about!
ADMISSION FEE’S sKreamers is a fundraising project of the Kiwanis Club of Orleans. Proceeds go towards the development of the Kiwanis Adventure Playground and other important Kiwanis community support projects. For more information on how you can get involved, see www.orleanskiwanis.com. Admission is $20.00 (HST free!) for all victims and guests of any age or mental state. PLEASE NOTE: sKreamers accepts CASH ONLY. An ATM is available at the front gate. Please access it prior to joining our gate lineup. Discounts are available for groups of 18 or more but must be arranged for in advance. Each admission entitles our victims..er… guests, to access sKreamer's "Orleans Asylum for the Insane" featuring the Visitors and Inmates Entrance, the Scary Wagon Ride, the escaped inmate paintball range and the Creepy Canteen. We recommend you arrive early enough to enjoy all attractions. Please allow a minimum of 90 minutes to enjoy everything, PLUS lineup waiting time on busy nights. sKreamers recommends you plan to arrive at least an hour to an hour and a half before closing, depending on the night you decide to come. Saturday’s can be a living hell! In the event of rain or similarly hideous weather, sKreamers will be open, however, the Scary Wagon Ride may be washed out for the night. Victims may still go through both the Visitors and Inmates Entrances and can return to complete the Scary Wagon Ride on a more favourable night. While we attempt to present as many opportunities for you to ride the Scary Wagon as as humanly possible, sKreamers can not guarantee the ride will be available on any specific night. Our victims should always be prepared for the worst! sKreamers can be very scary. So why mention this? Because there are absolutely no refunds, so guide yourself accordingly. Victim’s remorse is not valid case for a refund. We do not recommend sKreamers for
children under the age of 10 No refunds are available if a child (of any age) suddenly flees sKreamers in shear and uncontrollable terror or if you touch any of our sKreamers team or props and are escorted out …Don’t say we didn’t warn you. sKreamers is best enjoyed in groups of 4-6 victims at a time. Unattached couples may be paired up at the time of entry. Larger groups should plan to split up into groups no larger than 8 or some in the group may not get to observe all the gore and terror that is sKreamers. sKreamers is not directly affiliated with The Proulx Berry Farm Day Program. Admissions obtained during the Day Program are not valid for sKreamers. For further information contact Proulx Farm. PLEASE NOTE: We do not offer any specials rates to large (more than 18) groups who have not made previous arrangements. ASYLUM DO’S AND DON’TS Welcome to our crazy corner of the world, the ORLEANS ASYLUM FOR THE INSANE. These conditions are meant to offer you maximum enjoyment of your Asylum experience, they are subject to change without notice. When you visit our inmates there are lots of things to do but some you can’t. We have a few simple rules that the Asylum does enforce and we thought we’d share them with you to ensure that everyone has a safe and perfectly dreadful time with us. 1. Guests are advised that touching any of our inmates or stuff is simply not permissible nor advisable. Lots of things bite or snap! Seriously, we value the safety and security of our guests and inmates and anyone who purposely grabs, pushes or threatens anyone can be immediately ejected from the premises. Be forewarned! As part of your experience, our inmates may touch you, but most don't want to (even if you showered before coming!) 2. The Asylum is not wheelchair accessible and with strobe effects, scary actors, fast movements, loud noises, etc., we recommend that anyone with a sensitivity or disability carefully consider attending our world. We are NOT family friendly and may create long-term emotional disturbance. If you require an attendant to assist with mobility issues but can still navigate our stairs, narrow twisting mazes, etc. then we do not charge your attendant admission. 3. Although their contaminated blood is highly desirable, guests who are visibly under the influence of any drugs or alcohol will not be permitted anywhere on the Asylum grounds and will be escorted from the farm. 4. Guests are welcome to dress in costume but masks or face coverings may NOT be used while on the Asylum grounds. It’s already hard enough separating the crazies from the inmates. 5. The Asylum accepts cash only. An ATM is available at the main gate for your convenience. 6. While on the Insane Wagon Ride guests MUST remain seated at all times, keep all body parts within the confines of the wagon and refrain from vomiting. While you may not be able to pick your seat, you are allowed to pick your neighbours nose (with permission of course). 7. For your safety and the safety of others, the Asylum does not allow any running or horseplay, anywhere, anytime. Period. 8. The Proulx Farm on which the Asylum resides is private property. We reserve the right to search bags. Failure to comply is your ticket out. Reminder: NO REFUNDS! 9. There is NO SMOKING on the Asylum grounds whatsoever. Smokers may use our designated area in the parking lot. 10. The use of flashlights, lighters or anything that produces fire and/or light is not permitted by guests inside the Barn. Seriously? the object is to not spoil the fun for others. Besides, it’s like ordering a hot dog at a fine dining establishment. Sad! 11. Anything that may ruin the Asylum experience for other guests, whether it be the use of noise making apparatus, flashlights, “spoiling” (verbally indicating what’s about to happen next), line jumping, the use of abusive language, etc. may result in a warning and/or expulsion. These rules are meant to offer you a most enjoyable visit to our Asylum.
they are subject to change without notice.