Don't say we didn't tell you!

at Proulx Farm 1865 O'Toole Rd.

(off Innes east of Trim)


operated by the Kiwanis Club of Orleans

ATTRACTIONS WELCOME TO THE ORLEANS ASYLUM FOR THE CRIMINALLY INSANE: The Orleans Asylum for the Insane was overrun by the inmates many years ago. Not trusting the outside world to judge them fairly, they have remained well hidden and created they’re own little society. They produce their own food (uh... so to speak), they tend their young, and they bury their dead. If only they would stay buried… THE ESCAPEE’S INSANE WAGON RIDE: Escaping inmates have always been a problem. Expect to witness live captures, beheadings, forest terrors, a very large, very hungry something or other that loves to hang around. Care to join us around the campfire? Say your prayers at the Church of the Crypts but keep an eye out (get it? “eye out”?) for that nasty chainsaw! Either way, we encourage you to get lost in the fantasy. It’s easier to hide the bodies that way. And anyway you decide to deal with it, there’s fear and fun around every corner… NOTICE: In the event of rain the Scary Wagon Ride may be postponed or washed out. Rain checks are normally available. ASYLUM INMATE’S ENTRANCE: Our 150 year old barn is resplendent with a motley crew of very bitchy, whiny inmates with very bad attitudes. We tried to coax them out but they have refused to leave peacefully, so it looks like you’re going to have to deal with them as you move carefully through our halls of horror. There's lots to see and see and see and… okay you get the point. Unfortunately we can’t encourage you to hang around the dungeon, we don’t like to leave things dangling… THE VISITOR’S BACK DOOR: As you cross the bridge, please try and keep your head about you, if you know what we mean… The compound is only the beginning but the rest won't disappoint. Bwahahaha! THE CREEPY CANTEEN: Complete your visit to sKreamers with a stop at the Creepy Canteen. We have dogs, fries, hot cocoa, soft drinks, chocolate bars, potato chips, and candy to help keep you calm SHOOT TO THRILL: Fridays and Saturdays during October, sKreamers introduces a new interactive component to the Asylum. Guards have managed to corral the escaped inmates into a corner of the forest and they need your help. Contribute $5 to the ammo fund and they'll train you how to shoot paintball markers to contain the escapees. Get your tokens at the Creepy Canteen when you arrive. ASYLUM PHOTO BOOTH: From Oct 9th to 31st join our photo gallery of ghouls on our Facebook page. Stop by the sKreamers Photo Booth and snap a complimentary selfie to post. Now did we mean that the selfie was complimentary to you or that it was free? Okay, both!