Don't say we didn't tell you!

at Proulx Farm 1865 O'Toole Rd.

(off Innes east of Trim)


operated by the Kiwanis Club of Orleans

About sKreamers sKreamers is the demented and awkward child of the Kiwanis Club of Orleans. While considering fundraising opportunities in and for the community, Mitch Miller and Harley Bloom shared their love for Halloween with the other Club members and the concept of sKreamers was born. Originally tagged, "The Haunted Hamlet" in 2001, the Gloucester Shopping Center permitted us to convert an empty store into a cute haunted attraction. At $2 admission we entertained enough guests to confirm we were on to something. The following year we were given a much larger space and we definitely caused a bit of a stir. One of our masked actors wandering outside of the bank, scared the staff into almost triggering a silent alarm. Luckily someone in the bank put two and two together and we avoided having another actor arrested... In only our second year, we were pretty cheap on the props and for makeup we used black shoe polish around our eyes. After an exhausting day at the haunt, one of our actors headed for home and stopped to get gas. He was a bit concerned about the strange looks he was getting but he'd been getting them all day so thought little of it. Resting at home he was surprised to see a Police Car pull into his driveway. The police demanded to know if he had recently got gas. He answered in the affirmative and they asked him how he had paid for it. He showed them his "speed pass" fob. For some reason the police didn't seem to be taking him seriously and loaded him into the cruiser. Arriving back at the gas station, the police brought out the manager who immediately pointed at our guy and started yelling, "That's him! That's the guy!" Of course, now everyone is staring... It turns out the speed pass hadn't been registered by the pump so our guy apologies and pays. The police take him home. Visiting the washroom our guy goes to wash his hands and of course is staring in the mirror at his face with black shoe polish circles around his eyes, and then all the awkwardness of the day made sense. From Gloucester Center, we moved to Laporte Gardens on Montreal Road where we spooked out the 11,000 sq.ft. building in all it's glory. Unfortunately, the facility was leveled in 2004 and once again we were looking for a home. It wasn't until 2006 that we found Proulx Farm where we have flourished ever since. OUR CAUSE sKreamers is a fundraising project of the Kiwanis Club of Orleans. Proceeds are primarily targeted to support the development and expansion of the Kiwanis Adventure Park, Ottawa’s largest playground. When the Kiwanis Club decided to build a playground in Orleans, community involvement was the key objective, so we put out an invitation to 60 children to take part in a design workshop to tell us what play elements they wanted. After all, who best to consult than the children who will enjoy the facility for years to come. From that adventure we learned that the kids wanted a huge ship and a tall Parliament style tower with gigantic slides to offer the best play while reflecting our local community and National Capital city. The mega playground is 10 times the size of any typical community play structure and is located at the Cumberland Millennium Sports Park, 2135 Trim Road. The park is specifically targeted for children ages two to 12 of all abilities. And best of all, our community supported the project with over 150 friends and neighbours who volunteered to build the structure and complete the safe surfaces. And with your help, they’re not done yet!